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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Adventures!

Ya know, I have lived in Dallas my whole life and only been to a couple of the "sites" aka touristy stuff. Been to the Dallas Arboretum a couple of times and the School Book Depository Kennedy Museum; that's it. Well today Randy said "what do you want to do today"; all I could think of was shopping or a movie (I know real creative). So I asked him what he had in mind. Long story short we went to the Dallas World Aquarium, nope never been before. It was really cool! Got lots of cool scrapping pictures of bats, sharks, funny looking sea horses, manatee's and the Mayan dancers were really cool! Oh and lots of Flamingo pics! I will post some pics later, wore out the camera it needs juice.

Later I will post pics of a mini book I made about the Remember When retreat 2010. Not quite completely finished, but the cover is done and most of the pages, need to make some tags and journal then it will be complete.

Today is laundry day, yuck! So I better get to sorting!


Janie said...

Great place! We've been twice. Lots to see and many great pics to be had. Aren't you glad you did that instead of shopping...okay, maybe not but it was a great change of pace!